How can I find out when a show is playing?
Click on the “+” on the upper-right side to find out what time your favourite shows are playing on TV.

How can I watch Cartoon Network on my smartphone or tablet?
You can watch episodes and video clips in our video section via desktop or mobile. You can also watch Cartoon Network video clips and episodes on the free Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.

How can I play Cartoon Network games on my smartphone or tablet?
Cartoon Network has a range of mobile apps in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. Please remember to ask permission from a parent or guardian before downloading apps to your smartphone or tablet, as most of our app content is not free.

Why does the Cartoon Network website look different on my tablet and smartphone?
Cartoon Network is working very hard to make sure most content works across all devices from desktops to smartphones and tablets. During the transition period you will notice that not all content will display or work properly across all devices, some is dedicated to desktops while others are dedicated to tablets/ smartphones.

Why does this game take so long to load?
Depending on your Internet connection, games can take several minutes to load. Remember that you may need to install some plug-ins for the games to run, such as: UNITY or FLASH PLAYER.

Flash games won’t load on most smartphones.

How do I find my favourite shows on the website?
You can find them within the lineup of shows at the top of the Cartoon Network homepage; just click on the show icon and the content will be sorted by the show you have selected. You can also click the "See all shows" button and then select the show you are looking for.

Why should I sign up with Cartoon Network?
You will be able to use exciting features on the website like collecting badges, plus you will be able to create your own Toonix avatar.

Remember that signing up to Cartoon Network website is FREE!

How do I sign up to Cartoon Network?
To sign up, you must click the "Sign up" button, create a Toonix character and fill in a short form with your details. If you are 13 years old or under you need to enter your parent or guardian’s email address so we can ask them permission for you to join Cartoon Network. Once your account is approved by your parent or guardian, you will be able to access your profile page and can start to earn badges.

Are my details safe?
Yes. We don't share with or sell your details to anyone.

Why does Cartoon Network need my parent or guardian's email address during registration?
Because processing of personal data is governed by law and requires the consent of the individual. In many countries the law does not allow for young people to give consent to the processing of their own data and therefore Turner requires the consent of a parent or guardian on their behalf.

How do I earn badges?
To earn badges, you must create an account in the Cartoon Network website. Once your account is created and approved, you will be able to earn badges every time you interact with a Cartoon Network web content which has the badge function enabled. For example, you can play a web game that has badges as you progress the levels. Some badges are earned by surprise and we keep it quite mysterious why you have earned them.

What is Toonix?
It’s your Cartoon Network avatar. You can create your own avatar when you sign up.