Apple & Onion


Onion is a spring onion and Apple's best friend. He was so shy before he met Apple that he didn't talk at all. Once he began to open up, Apple found his strange little ideas really funny and helped him to come out of his shell. Onion is more sensible than Apple and something of a nerd.

French Fry

French Fry is a waitress at the coffee shop. She's friendly, pretty, and has an unexpectedly dry sense of humour. Onion has a crush on her. She goes to college part time where she's studying to be a product designer. 


Hotdog can be found hanging out at the coffee shop. His unassuming self-confidence and good looks make him a natural leader. He's also a really nice guy. Hotdog knows that underneath it all, he's just like everyone else, and doesn't always enjoy the attention. 


Burger hangs out with Hotdog in the belief that it makes him appear popular and cool. Sometimes he overdoes things and comes across as obnoxious but that's because he is insecure and worries that people will realise that he's not that interesting. 


Apple is warm, impulsive and emotionally erratic. He is motivated more by emotion then intellect and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is incapable of sitting around with nothing to do and is always on the lookout for the next adventure to pour his boundless energy into. 

Apple & Onion

Apple and Onion had an idyllic childhood. They grew up in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of other fruits and vegetables. When they first met as small children they became best pals immediately. As they grew up, Apple's uncontainable enthusiasm and Onion's outlandish imagination often disturb the peace in their slow moving community with their insane adventures. Thus, an apple and spring onion move to the big city.

Adventure Time Run