Ben Bones

Meet Freaktown’s bony rebel with a cause, Ben Bones: a skeleton who marches to the beat of his own drum… which he beats with his own bones. Ben has a keen sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.


Lenny, the mutant mantis, is Ben’s best friend. In fact, Ben and Lenny would be blood brothers except one is a skeleton and the other a bug so the blood part doesn’t really work. Okay, so maybe they’re bug brothers? Wait. Same logic applies. Sigh. But you get what we’re saying.


Priscilla is Ben’s girlfriend... “Well, not his“girlfriend”… but his friend…who happens to be a girl...and a ghoul. But not a ghoul-friend either. Got it!?!?” 

Lord Cuddles

Lord Cuddles is a plush teddy bear with questionable stuffing.  He’s also the appointed mayor of Freaktown and an all-around pain in the cheeks.

Princess Boo-Boo

Princess Boo-Boo is the petty, selfish, spoiled brat ruler of Sweetopia. “Boo-Boo hates icky.” “Boo-Boo hates gross.” “Most of all, Boo-Boo hates freaks!” That’s why she has her sights set on turning Freaktown into a sparkly, cuddly cute-opia!


Taylor the Barbaricorn (‘cause he’s a barbarian and a unicorn, duh) is Cuddles’ loyal bodyguard and the doer of all his dirty work. Which Taylor makes sure is never actually dirty, when he uses his Bubble Gun.


Best friends Ben Bones (a skeleton with soul) and Lenny (a laid-back mutant mantis) are living 'la vida Freaky' in Freaktown – a crazy place where ghouls, mutants, misfits and oddities of every sort are welcome. Whether it's surfing a sludge tsunami or bat winging their way around town, Ben and his pals are all about finding oddball adventures in every swamp, sewer and sludge pile known to freaks!