George of the Jungle


George has lots of other great qualities. He is KING OF THE JUNGLE after all. He made a vow to protect his birthplace and all of its inhabitants no matter what.


It’s a little known fact that ALL apes are named ape. The trick is in the pronunciation something far too subtle for humans. You see, apes are way smarter than humans assume.


Magnolia isn’t native to the jungle that’s pretty easy to tell since she’s the only character in this show with a biology degree, hasn’t developed vine-swinging calluses, and has yet to name her intestinal parasites (soon!).


George’s pet - Shep’s an elephant who thinks he’s a faithful golden retriever.

Tookie Tookie

George’s pet - Tookie Tookie’s a bird with a limited vocabulary who lets George know if there’s trouble in the jungle.

George of the Jungle

For years, explorers returning from Africa whispered stories of a man who lives in the deepest, darkest, most DANGEROUS depths of the jungle. A man named TARZAN. He’s great. Seriously. Totally epic. Those same explorers ALSO tell stories about another jungle hero, stories that NO ONE believes. Who would willingly put a beehive UP their nose? Who’d slam headfirst into tree after tree after tree without learning anything? Who could be THAT dumb? Who? A man named GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, that’s who.