Matt Hatter Chronicles

Matthew Luke Hatter

Thirteen year old Matt, is from New York. He lived there with his British father, Harry; his American mom, Meg; and his pet, Marlon - a Dwarf Tasmanian Devil.

Craw Goyle

Craw is a gargoyle, and was part of the Sky Castle’s stone structure when it was constructed hundreds of years ago. He is the last remaining gargoyle of the Sky Castle, all of the others flew away but Craw isn’t the best flyer so he stayed put.

Gomez Monteros

Gomez is a keeper as were his parents. Keepers not only guard the Tree of Life that dates back to the beginning of the Multiverse, but they also look after all things wonderful and precious in the Multiverse.

Marlon Harold Hatter

Marlon is a vegetarian, dwarf tazmanian devil and he’s Matt’s pet. Marlon is the only one in the Coronet who knows about Matt’s secret.

Roxanna Alexis

Matt is lucky to have thirteen-year-old Roxie as his Tracker. She is an expert hunter and martial artist, who uses her skills to find out when and where a villain has been released.


Tenoroc is the arch enemy of the Hatter Heroes. He did not originate from a movie played at the Coronet, like the Super Villains, instead it is thought that he has come from a dark and mysterious corner of the Multiverse.

Matt Hatter Chronicles