This slobbering slime hound is an avid garbage collector, gobbling up all the trash he can find. Glurt is a proud member of the green and gooey Glorp Corp tribe.


He’s always hatching crazy schemes, but watch out for his runny nose. Like the other members of the Glorp Corp tribe, Glomp is a real thrill-seeker.


Everything sticks to this slow-moving guy because his hands are covered with gloopy slime. Together with Glurt and Glomp, Torts completes the swamp-dwelling Glorp Corp tribe.


This bug-eyed guy loves to snuggle, which can prove difficult when you have spiky features. Like the other members of the Spikels, Scorpi is an affectionate character.


This lanky livewire loves to skip, jump and dance even with his huge, spiky feet. Footi's spiky exterior doesn't stop him having a cute and cuddly side, just like the rest of the Spikel tribe.


He loves to give hugs, which can be tricky with his spiky clawed hands. Hoogi often forgets he is covered in dangerous spikes, like the rest of the Spikels, they're an affectionate and cuddly tribe!


Wizwuz burps a magical blue essence, likes to hang around using his hook shaped tail and is altogether a bit of a performer!


Magnificent Magnifo is a super-confident magician with two special magic wands, he always puts all his energy into every magic show.


Mesmo is a magical genius with a pair of wings and even wizard hats on his eyes! He's purple like the rest of the Wiztastic tribe and is good at casting spells!


Chomly is a lethargic trash compactor. Keep your hands and feet away because he would eat pretty much anything. This gives him the stinkiest breath ever and to make things even worse he talks extremely slowly.


Gobba is a Fang Gang member with a super set of taste buds. His whip-like, elongated tongue gives him an incredible sense of taste that is amazingly accurate and can even be used to find lost items, sort of like a blood hound.


Jawg is a fiercely loyal and animalistic Mixel and leads the Fang Gang. Nothing would stop him from protecting his tribe using his incredibly huge and indestructible teeth to bite the intruders.


Balk’s most amazing feature is his head. Like a rubbery mallet allows him to ram, swat, crush and pummel whatever he comes across.


Tentro is the most powerful of the Flexers tribe, but also the most sensitive. He suffers from a lack of confidence and puts himself in trouble at the most inopportune times.


Kraw is the leader of the Flexers tribe. He is short in stature, but giant in ego and thinks to be the smartest Mixel ever. Kraw is the leader of the Flexers tribe.


Slumbo is the “sleepy” Frosticon and just an earthquake would wake him up. He falls asleep at the most inopportune times, like mid-way through lunch or while falling off the side of a cliff.


Lunk is the “slow” Frosticon. What he lacks in brains and grace, he makes up for with a tenacious spirit. He looks ridiculous waddling on ice, balancing himself with his stubby little hands.


Flurr is the most “awake” Frosticon who never seems to be sleepy. This makes him the leader of the tribe by default. He is naturally curious and likes to explore the Frosticon lands always keeping an eye for trouble.


Teslo is a daring and ingeneous climber, who can use his electrically charged tail to scale any surface. Teslo is always chosen to be the lookout for his tribe.


A highly charged adrenaline junky, totally up for anything. His body is like a living lightning rod, which makes him able to store and release massive blasts of energy from within.


A scatter-brained, joke-loving Mixel who has been shoked one too many times. He belongs to the tribe of the Electroids and his body emits a static energy that draws things to it. It’s the worst case of static cling ever! Luckily he’s found a way to harness it.


Shuff is clumsy, timid, and really nice member of the Cragsters. He’s always trying to be helpful, but usually ends up smashing everything. His body is like a living wrecking ball. This drives Krader nuts, but Shuff seems determined to make him smile.


A shy, almost nervous Mixel. If Seismo gets restless, he might tap his feet and then there will be trouble. He has huge feet that are used to cause earthquakes that break through the rock layers. Seismo belongs to the tribe of the Cragsters and lives in a vast array of tunnels and caverns.


Krader is a tough, short-fused, no nonsense guy. This makes him as close to a leader as the Cragsters have. With his razor sharp rotating hand, he can claw through any rock, or dig deep pits. With his attitude, he makes sure no one dares mess with him.


The strong one. He might be a little dim but his heart burns the brightest. His heated hands can dig an escape route or make a surface too hot for enemies to cross. Unfortunately, he often forgets he’s got a stove for a hand and gives some painful high fives.


The cheeky prankster who's fast enough to get away with anything. The fiery jets on his back carry his squatty body everywhere with surprising speed. He'll prank you, but when you turn around, all that's left is a cloud of smoke. Zorch is short tempered as all the members of the Infernites.


Flain is the smart one. Always strategizing, he approaches each situation with caution and tries the best to keep a level head. But when he thinks too hard, his head catches on fire! Flain belongs to the tribe of the Infernites and dwells in the magma wastelands near the core of the Earth.


Mixels are comical, mischievous creatures that live in tribes of three in a world where combining is king. They can combine within any one tribe to make larger, more complex Mixels, or cross-combine to gain abilities the other tribe has. All it takes is a couple willing, consenting Mixels and a Cubit, the magical square that finds a one-of-a-kind way to combine them.

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