Over the Garden Wall


The older brother who is rather self-absorbed and likes to keep to himself. He is quick to second-guess his decisions and tends to see problems as unsolvable. This is mostly because he’s afraid of making the wrong decision.


The younger brother, is energetic, playful and carefree... often to the point of being oblivious to serious danger. He loves life; only seeing the good and fun things around him...


A talking bluebird who comes to Wirt and Greg’s aid to help them on their journey home. She says she can lead them to Adelaide of the Pasture, the Good Woman of the Woods, who in turn will help them get home.

The Woodsman

It’s hard to tell what makes the Woodsman tick. Is he dangerous? Is he helpful? Is he just a crazy guy who wanders around in the woods? In truth he is just another lost soul himself.

The Frog

Greg always carries a frog around him. The frog's name is constantly changing, and while Greg insists that the frog belongs to both himself and Wirt, he has zero interest in looking after the frog.The frog doesn't talk, but he does sing.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall tells the story of two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who find themselves lost in the Unknown; a strange forest adrift in time. With the help of a wise old Woodsman and a foul-tempered bluebird named Beatrice, Wirt and Greg must travel across this strange land in hope of finding their way home.