Sonic Boom


Amy is a natural leader and organiser who tends to take charge of everyone around her. She just can’t help it, because she knows what they want before they do.


Sticks, the most primal of jungle badgers, is a force of nature in every way. She’s a fearsome combatant and a tenacious hunter who’s armed with handmade weapons at all times. She lived alone in the wild for years and flourished.


Knuckles is a punch-first-keep-punching-until-you-need-a-punch-break kind of echidna. Sonic has speed, Tails has smarts and Knuckles has brawn. For Knuckles isn’t all muscle and strong-armed, he has a soft spot and loves nature.


Tails is Sonics best friend and sidekick. He’s a prolific tinkerer, constantly dreaming up inventions not only to give his team the edge but also to make life easier. Some of his creations are brilliant, but some don’t always work out.


For Sonic, speed is a way of life. He runs fast, thinks fast and even eats fast. He acts on instinct and lives in the moment. He’s always looking for the next thrill, the next challenge, the next triumph.

Sonic Boom

Welcome to the world of Sonic Boom! It’s a Sonic you haven’t seen before – an ensemble comedy that pokes fun at action-adventure storytelling, but still manages to deliver plenty of adrenaline. Think malfunctioning giant tech-monsters, bizarre inventions, evil interns and ridiculous conversations at high speeds.

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