Total Drama The Ridonculous Race

Geoff and Bro

If this team had a motto it would be one word: YOLO! Geoff (from Total Drama Island) is back to compete again but, unfortunately, without his best gal, Bridgette. Since she's away on a surfing tour, Geoff's brought his best bro, Brody - an enthusiastic, meathead jock- along for the ride instead.

Ellody and Mary

Ellody is a genius and incredibly aware that she is a major geek but really doesn¡¦t know how to be any other way. Mary is also a genius who is very detail oriented, which makes her perfect for pursuits like the sciences or scrap-booking.

Ennui and Crimson

The Goths are dark, brooding and more than a little creepy. It's uncertain as to why they're participating in the Race or if they're even enjoying the experience, since they both have the emotional range of a stone gargoyle. Even writing about them is a little unnerving, so let's move on...

Gerry and Pete

Gerry and Pete have the longest on-going rivalry on the planet. In the 70's they were tennis masters and each other¡¦s fiercest competitors. However, their careers have long since wound down so their agents thought it would be BRILLIANT to pair them up on The Ridonculous Race!

Jacques and Josee

Canadian figure skating dynamos Jacques and Josee's dream was to win gold at the Olympics. When they finally got their chance, Jacques dropped Josee on the ice! Goodbye gold, hello national embarrassment. They¡¦re using the Race to prove that they are still winners.

Laurie and Miles

Laurie and Miles are earth-loving vegan do-gooders with an Earth first attitude. Having traveled extensively, they've learned a deep respect for different cultures as well as their local flora and fauna.

Total Drama The Ridonculous Race

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is an action-filled, outrageous buddy comedy in which 18 pairs of unforgettable characters are put to the mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic race around the world.