We Baby Bears | Veggie Village Quest
Who will be crowned King of the Veggies? The Baby Bears Griz, Panda and Ice Bear have arrived in a kingdom of vegetable people called Veggie Village - and Griz thinks he can be their king! Join him and his two bear bros to get through tricky puzzles and platforming challenges, and help Griz pull the veggie sword from the stone! Can you become King of the Veggies? Find out in Veggie Village Quest, only on Cartoon Network!
We Baby Bears
After trying and failing to find a home while cast onto the streets of a city, the Baby Bears end up in a local playground in the middle of the night and wish on a star that they'd at least have a chance at finding a new home, no matter where in the universe it is. By some twist of fate the star falls from the sky and fuses with their box, turning it into a magical means of transportation to many worlds, from a village of talking vegetables to a land where snow sculptures come to life.

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